Warcraft III: All Products

Warcraft III: All Products

Warcraft III All Products includes original full game, its expansion and update
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Warcraft III is a strategy videogame, the third part of the Warcraft series, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Besides continuing the story of the medieval epic world, it incorporates two important improvements - the 3D graphics and two new races that take part in the battles. Lead the mysterious Night Elves, the repugnant Undeads, the wild Orcs or the nobile Humans. Fight against powerful heroes who accumulate skills and enchantments as you win battles and complete searches. What is also new and great in this new part of the Warcraft series is the possibility to choose the race (horde) you want to fight with. Dive into a world full of deep valleys, rocky mountains, magical objects, AI characters, rambling monsters, neutral cities, fortresses and temples, and amazing environmental effects. This extremely exciting and engaging game is easy to play but quite difficult to master. Its real full-screen graphics delight the player's sight. Although quite long to play, it is really catching and addictive. The battles are played in different sceneries, and the characters can be listened to as they plan and discuss the steps to follow in order to reach each mission's objective. The game is available in several languages - English and Spanish among them. It also has an editor tool that allows users to customize many features of the game. Warcraft III can be expanded by installing the expansion, called "The Frozen Throne", which adds further battles and action to the already extremely exciting game. Players can also join the world battle through Battle.net. and be part of huge and bloody battles, with more players and multiple playing styles.
Warcraft III All Products includes the original full game, its expansion packs and its update patch.

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